Tryna Gower A

n award winning entrepreneur and photographer, founder Tryna Gower provides the visionary leadership and guidance, overseeing a diverse range of projects at Studio TGP.

In 2013, the amalgamation of the Studio TGP and Peace Photographics pushed her business to the next level, broadening the range of services to include corporate and industrial photography and video, website development, and design for a full range of media from print to web.

With her dedication to impeccable standards, and always ahead of trends, Tryna is fuelled by insight, driven by creativity and focused on delivering.

Tryna Gower

Owner & Photographer ×
Don Pettit A

self-employed professional photographer for more than 45 years, Don trained in Toronto and has practiced in Southern California, Vancouver, and for the last 35 years, in northeast British Columbia. He is well-known for integrating still photography into other visual media, to create unique visual forms, both still and filmic. Don’s award-winning book, The Peace: An Exploration in Photographs, has sold over 10,000 copies and is in its fifth printing. His multi-media lectures and photo courses are in demand across Northern BC and Alberta.

Don Pettit

Photographer ×
Taryn Tappen T

aryn Tappen came to us with eight years of marketing experience. A graduate of Mount Royal University, Bissett School of Business, majoring in Marketing Management & Advertising, Taryn’s specialty has been small and medium sized businesses, and the tourism sector. As Project Manager, Taryn brings experience in public relations, social media and marketing to her clients. She loves the opportunity to work with a creative team, brainstorm exciting new campaigns and help clients explore innovative ideas for their business portfolio.

Taryn Tappen

Project Manager, Image Consulting ×
Barbara Swail B

arbara is a flourishing transplant to the wide open country of northeastern British Columbia from the urban jungles of southern Canada. For 35 years, she has earned her keep as a writer, graphic designer and producer of various media from magazines to television. Her illustrations and cartography are included in two books, The Peace: An Exploration in Photographs and The Peace: A History in Photographs, both by Donald A. Pettit.

Barbara Swail

Art Director, Editor ×
Kit Fast A

photographer, videographer and graphic designer in Dawson Creek since 2005, Kit is an experienced photographer of commercial and industrial sites using time-lapse sequencing, still and DSLR video editing. As a member of the creative team, Kit also writes and designs print publications of all kinds. When the work is done, Kit is an active member of the local visual arts community and has exhibited works that combine sewn canvas images with paint, metal and ceramics.

Kit Fast

Photographer ×
Laura Reynolds L

aura is a creative type who does in her spare time all the other things she doesn’t get paid to do in her job as graphic designer with Studio TGP. These things include, but are not limited to, painting, sketching, knitting, and baking. An Ottawa native, she arrived recently from Toronto, Ontario and fits right into the friendly atmosphere. A graduate from Algonquin College, School of Media and Design, she came to us with 2 diplomas (Photography and Graphic Design) and a wealth of Freelance experience and customer service. Laura is full of ideas, loves the design process and seeing a project go from the start to finish. Nothing makes her happier than handing over a product that clients are overjoyed with.

Laura Reynolds

Graphic Artist ×


After decades of mastering photography in all its diversity, with some award-winning publishing and design along the way, our wizard Don was looking for a new adventure and a home for his team of talent. Meanwhile, on the other side of town, Tryna had achieved her own successes and was seeking new challenges and a broader scope for her business. One day, the two collided and Studio TGP was born. We’re a collection of creative types who live to produce results we can be proud of and have fun doing it.  We’re embarrassed to admit how many years of experience some of us can claim but the younger members of our team seem OK with it. Best of both worlds: mature perspective, youthful energy and inspiration. We’re happy. And we think you’ll be happy - with our ideas, our design, our creativity and your experience with us. 


At Studio TGP, we aim to fuel creativity by igniting ideas and manifesting them into reality for businesses, individuals and our community. Our company focuses on unique brand development, website and design services, and effective marketing strategy.  With integrity and passion, we strive to be exceptional communicators with and for our clients.

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