June 16th 2016

Earn credit towards your next project with our TGP Referral Program!

Websites and marketing need maintenance. Help us help you by sending referrals our way and earn valuable TGP buck towards your next project or website update.

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January 19th 2016

5 Problems with Social Media… And how to use them to your advantage. By Jennifer Chernecki

Project Manager Jen encourages you to put your issues and worries aside and invest in a social media platform for your business.

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September 28th 2015

LOVE YOUR LOGO! By Laura Reynolds

Tag along with me through types of logos to think about when creating your brand.

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September 21st 2015

Time to redecorate? By Taryn Tappen

Project Manager Taryn tells us why and how we should keep our websites fresh and current.

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September 21st 2015

Billboards or Bust.... By: Taryn Tappen

Taryn Tappen talks Billboards: how to make the most of your rented space.
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August 4th 2015

Get Branded! Creating an outstanding brand with Jennifer Chernecki

The basics of branding: What your brand is and what it does including logo, fonts and colors.

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August 3rd 2015

Joining the Twitter flock! By: Taryn Tappen

Taryn walks (or flies) us through the basics of Twitter. How to set-up your account, chose people to follow, import your contacts and, of course, how to Tweet
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July 30th 2015

Types of Facebook Posts for your business

Let's face it with Facebook. Managing a page and keeping your audience engaged is key, and the rules are constantly changing. Here are a list of post ideas for you to use. Hope they inspire.

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July 20th 2015

Getting the most out of a Trade Show! By: Taryn Tappen

Taryn talks trade shows and provides with 5 quick tips to consider before your next event.
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