January 19th 2016

5 Problems with Social Media… And how to use them to your advantage. By Jennifer Chernecki

Like most people, I started off the New Year with a few resolutions. I had seen the “30 Day Writing Challenge” floating around my social media and I decided to take it on. I found topic 1. “5 problems with social media” to be of particular interest, so I decided to share my findings with you.

Problem One: The Likes/Followers Issue

No one likes to feel unintelligent or uninteresting, so many people seem to shy away from social networks that involve displaying how many likes and followers one has. The key is to switch your thinking from “quantity” to “quality” and re-examine some of your accounts. For example, when you’re just starting out, you may not have very many followers at first, but you might realize that the followers that you do have are of real substance - they are people and organizations that you may want to collaborate with in the future and who will help spread your message. Remember that with social media, sometimes one follower actually equals an entire company or organization, so keep an eye on who is seeing your stuff instead of how many.

Problem Two: Keeping Up with Posting

Did you know that most social networks like Facebook use algorithms to tailor what you see? One of the factors is Frequency.  Simplified: the more that you post, the more people will see your social media. This is why most marketing coaches will encourage you to post often and to post regularly. However, for some of us, this is out of reach time-wise or we may just not have any current content we want to share on our professional pages. Sometimes posting infrequently can also be used to your advantage, in that you are not flooding your social streams with too much content. The occasional WOW post can go over great – provided that people actually see it. There are a few ways you can increase the audience – tagging other people in the post, posting with colorful, bright photography and asking friends and followers to share it – these tricks will help spread your posts further along.

Problem Three: So Much Junk to Wade Through

I think this is the complaint I hear most often from busy adults – there’s just too much junk, jokes and unproductive articles out there. Luckily, with social streams like Twitter and Facebook, we get to choose what we see, so take the time to really curate who you follow. Start noticing where the annoying posts are coming from and stop following whoever is putting them out. Learn to use #hashtags as well to explore topics that are interesting to you. Most importantly, to make this issue work for you, you should  make sure that your posts are well composed and have real substance – you’ll stand out against the mediocrity.


We also love the junk! Social media can be so much fun that before you know it, 2 hours has gone by and you’re 3 years back in your ex-neighbor’s photo stream. At least you can use your procrastination to your advantage – follow quality posters and use hashtags to find interesting content. If you’re serious about running a social platform for your company and you want to be able to hurdle this issue, the answer may be Hootsuite.  Hootsuite is a free online program that allows you to schedule posts without actually going into the social network. You can handle your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts all from one screen which really helps for planning and executing productive posts. (It also tackles the “Posting Regularly” issue as you can schedule your posts well into the future). The thing to remember is that everyone else is also occasionally procrastinating on Facebook – so keep up the posting – you know people are seeing it.

Problem Five: Feeling the Invasion of Privacy

Being a somewhat private person with a big personality, I’ve always battled this issue. I want to share my life and work but I also want to maintain some degree of a secret personal life. Understanding how social media works is the best way to use it to your advantage, and that’s what you should be doing: using IT. There are so many options these days so if you’re a little more on the private side you may want to consider using LinkedIn, which is for business networking. Creating a social media profile or page can actually be the perfect way to separate your personal and business life as it forces you to choose what your business personality is saying vs. what your personal life is saying. Working a business profile will help you to develop a corporate voice, raise awareness and make new connections with the muscle of the company behind you. It’s also good for your team’s spirit and vision.

I hope you’ve found some inspiration in my New Year’s resolution. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have about launching a social network for your business; I’d love to see you on your way.



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